BesaHL7 Released v 1.7.11!

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BesaHL7 Released v 1.7.11!

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Dear users,

Besa Software is glad to release the new version 1.7.11

This version includes:
+ Added Delphi 10.2.3 Rio support.
* Bug fixed : direct assignations

Code: Select all

  msgRequest: TbsOML_O21_25;
  msgPro: TbsORL_O22_25;
   msgRequest := TbsOML_O21_25.Create;
   msgRequest.AsHL7 := Memo1.Lines.Text;
   msgPro := TbsORL_O22_25.Create;
   memo2.Lines.Text:= msgRequest.AsHL7;
   //Direct Assignation: Segment to Segment
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