direct assignations , invalid pointer

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direct assignations , invalid pointer

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Hello everybody,

this code works fine in versión 1.7.3

Code: Select all

msgRequest: TbsOML_O21_25;
msgPro: TbsORL_O22_25;
   msgRequest := TbsOML_O21_25.Create;
   msgRequest.AsHL7 := Memo1.Lines.Text;
   msgPro := TbsORL_O22_25.Create;
   memo2.Lines.Text:= msgRequest.AsHL7;

but in versions greater than 1.7.3 , it occurs an exception “Invalid pointer operation”
in "msgRequest.PATIENT.PID.AsString:=msgResponse.RESPONSE.PATIENT.PID.AsString",
we have trying with 1.7.9 and 1.7.10, it seem that any direct assignation gets exception
¿ How can we do these direct assignations ? with some type of cast ?

We are using professional edition.

Thanks for your help.
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Re: direct assignations , invalid pointer

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This problem fixed with version 1.7.11.

Best Regards.
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